Speech Blubs Ambassadors!

They have a special place in our heart! They embody what Speech Blubs is about! They are Speech Blubs!



Chloe is a 5 year old rockstar. She’s in kindergarten & she loves to learn. That’s why she enjoys Speech Blubs so much. She also loves her family, especially her little brother who is only 14 months younger. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a unicorn. There’s no convincing her that they aren’t real. :)



Paisley is almost two years old and she has been using Speech Blubs for a while now and she loves it. Not only is it super fun for her but she’s learning so much. She’s learned so many new words and knows what sounds animals make. Speech Blubs has been so useful in helping her develop her speech. It’s been so fun to hear her speech development! Her mother said she got her the app, because she wants to give her the best head start in life she can. With Speech Blubs learning can be fun and enjoyable.



Jessica is a mom of 3 with a big passion for yoga. Her daughter Kayla is 4, Race is 2 and the littlest one, Crew, is 7 months old! Kayla is on the autism spectrum and has a major speech delay. She is an amazing little girl and a true warrior! She loves Speech Blubs; her favorite part is how with each new word, there is a little kid that pops up to repeat and speak the word to her. We love them all and appreciate being such an amazing ambassadors for Speech Blubs!



Aria is an amazing little girl with Down Syndrome. You'll always find a smile on her face and she is a prime example that Down Syndrome is full of upsides and because of it, you are never something less, but more! She's been with Speech Blubs for a long time now and represents all that Speech Blubs is about!



Stephanie is a young mom full of life. She is a fitness lover and is all about positivity and good thoughts. Her son, Skye, is an amazing little warrior on the autism spectrum. His smile is infectious, he is an entertainer and his personality really shines through! He loves Speech Blubs and has progressed a ton so far! Stephanie and Skye have been amazing ambassadors for Speech Blubs!



Esmeralda is a mom of two and a passionate autism advocate with a love for writing. Her amazing daughter, Nevaeh, has been using Speech Blubs and has progressed in language tremendously so far. They have made an amazing little review of our app and have been a great voice for Speech Blubs!



Chloe is the most amazing little girl you will ever see! She is a pure joy and every photo of her will melt your heart. She doesn't care if she has sand on her face, she's a real fighter and, as her mom says, she is DOWN right perfect. That is why she has a special place here at Speech Blubs!



Ruby and Zoey are two of the most adorable girls you can find! They are full of life and optimism and are an amazing example of how Down Syndrome doesn't define people. They are full of joy, have been an amazing voice of Speech Blubs and they even hosted their own giveaway!

Little Life Co.


Angela is a qualified primary teacher and Mom to Cristian & Sofia. Even though her little superheroes don't have any speech problems, she has been using Speech Blubs with Sofia to practice on her pronunciation of words and sounds. She has been an amazing advocate for Speech Blubs!



Mia is an amazing little girl with Down Syndrome who is an actress and a model. She's a world changer, breaking down barriers and changing perceptions about Down Syndrome. She's an exceptional voice of Speech Blubs!



Briella is an amazing little girl with Cerebral Palsy! She is on a mission to learn to walk & talk! She has been an amazing ambassador of Speech Blubs, even hosting her own Speech Blubs giveaway! :)

Danielle Mager


Danielle is a wife & mom. She has a son named Noah, who is on the autism spectrum. They are one of the first ones we worked with on social media exposure and we can't thank them enough for all the help! She has an amazing IG profile, where you can follow the adventures of little Noah!

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