Our Mission:

To help preschoolers thrive by providing fun, kid-to-kid learning applications.

Blub Blub story

Once upon a time, there were 4 boys who grew up with speech problems. Today we are empowering children to speak their minds and hearts, and co-create a better tomorrow. You can read our entire story below.

“Let’s create a speech therapy tool that kids will love.” was the idea we started with. We rolled up our sleeves and got started. Field research, design, prototypes, coding, video editing, feedback. Rinse, repeat, and head back to the drawing board.

Once we had our first prototype we took it on a tour of the world. We sought feedback from thousands of therapists, teachers, parents, and kids, visiting them in their clinics, schools, and homes all the way from Slovenia to San Francisco. We exhibited at IALP 2016, ATAAC 2017, and ASHA CONVENTION 2017, all just to get invaluable feedback.

We followed our calling and right after we published the first version, our inboxes were flooded with thank-you emails and testimonials, describing cases of kids with speech delays, apraxia, Down syndrome, autism, and more. We realized we have the power to help kids come out of their shells, make noises, syllables, words, and sentences! We obviously have a product that can boost any child’s confidence, speech, and intellectual potential. We have changed the lives of many kids and their parents and that’s why our team is growing, expanding, and constantly seeking to tackle new educational challenges.

1 in 4 kids needs help with speech and languagesome parents need to wait up to 2 years for an available therapist to get their child assessed by a professional. 2 years of a child’s life is an absolute eternity in lost cognitive and social development. We are not sure where this journey is going to take us, but we are sure we’ll be helping more kids tomorrow than we did yesterday. You can contact us at hi@blubblub.org

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