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Teaching Strategies

Learn more about how to teach kids at home, and get to know some techniques to improve memory, focus, and start working on those speech skills!

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The Power of Play: How Games Can Help Your Kid Thrive

Why is child play so important? Play creates the perfect opportunity for learning more language. Whether it is finding new objects, learning new actions, experiencing…

Teaching Kids with Video Modeling

The beginnings of Video Modeling for Autism Video modeling (VM) is a relatively recent phenomenon in teaching. Creer and Miklich’s study (1970) was the first…

How to Improve Your Child’s Memory

Short-term memory and also long-term memory are interesting things to explore. A part of that is ‘auditory memory,’ which is an important part of auditory…

6 Ways Play Benefits Toddler Development

Children are not obliged to play, however, it is something they are naturally driven to do. And for good reason. It is how they learn…

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Mirror Neurons, Video Modeling, and Your Child’s Speech

What are Mirror Neurons? Before we dig into mirror neurons, we need to have a quick understanding of neurons in general. Neurons are specialized cells…

7 Strategies to Motivate Your Child to Learn

Often, children tend to lose focus or interest in their studies owing to distractions, difficulties, and more. It becomes their parent’s responsibility to help them…

How to Increase Your Child’s Focus and Concentration

Now that your children are attending school at home, many find dealing with their child’s attention span for online school difficult.  Thankfully, there are simple…

How to Engage Kids in Learning

I’m going to split this blog into two sections; tips for professionals and tips for parents. If you have any other specific questions that I…

An Introduction to Art Therapy for Children

One of the biggest forms of therapy integrated into multiple learning modalities is art therapy. According to, art therapy is an integrative mental health…