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Best Silly Songs for Kids

Feb 14, 2022 Music can be very helpful in helping children learn to develop language, motor, and memory skills. Here are a few silly preschool songs that kids are sure to enjoy, and that will make you giggle right along with them.

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Singing songs and speech practice at home can be a lot of fun!

Besides just being fun, music is a great way to teach kids, especially kids who struggle with language delays. The rhythm of the music and the repetition of the same words over and over again help kids build vocabulary and give them the confidence to try sounds they might be uncomfortable attempting in normal speech. And all kids can benefit from the memory and motor skills they develop while singing and doing fingerplays.

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6 Silly Songs Your Toddler Will Love

1. This is The Way: Learn Habits, Following Directions & More

I love this song because it is an excellent example of teaching essential life skills and habits. This song also helps children understand sequencing, as it follows a predictable pattern of activities that occur in a specific order. The repeated refrain, “This is the way we [activity],” reinforces the concept of doing something in a particular sequence, which is an essential foundation for language and thinking skills. By learning and internalizing the sequence of activities in the song, children can develop their ability to understand and follow sequences in other areas of their lives, such as following instructions or telling stories.

2. The Food Song (Cooking Song for Kids): Making a Mess Encourages Brain Development

This song is all about the foods that most kids love! The lyrics are again very simple, making it easy for children to understand and follow along. Your toddler will get loads of functional language they can use next time they help you (making a mess) in the kitchen. Overall, this song is an excellent tool for encouraging children to learn language about cooking and baking and to develop essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

3. The Bath Time Song for Toddlers: Rhyming and Repetition Helps Boost Vocabulary

Rhymes benefit a child’s speech and language development because they help kids recognize different sounds and meanings! And this song uses loads of these as it engages the child’s imagination with images of bubbles, boats, divers, and ducks. Try singing the song while participating in the actions described in the lyrics! Your little one will enjoy a sensory activity that improves their fine motor skills and coordination while having fun and feeling comfortable and relaxed during bath time.

4. Vehicles Song for Toddlers: Early Sounds for Language Development

Even babies will enjoy this silly song as it includes so many early sounds, such as “choo-choo” for a train, “vroom-vroom” for a car, or “swoosh-swoosh” for a plane. These sounds help little children develop their early phonemic awareness. Repeat the sounds and incorporate them into your play and everyday language! Your toddler or baby will associate sounds with objects, an essential building block for speech and language development. Early sounds in this song are fun and engaging for children, especially if your junior is a big fan of all types of vehicles!

5. The Shapes Song: Learn to Recognize Shapes and Colors

Use songs and music to introduce early math concepts! Recognizing and understanding basic shapes form an essential foundation for future math skills. Children exposed to basic shapes and their properties at a young age are likelier to have a stronger foundation in geometry and other mathematical subjects. This song helps children develop awareness about the shapes around them and enhances their ability to think and reason abstractly, which is an important skill for problem-solving and critical thinking.

6. Song About Grocery Store: Play-Based Learning While Shopping

One of the most important ways to help children speak is to be mindful of communication throughout the day. I like to use every opportunity to encourage word learning! We can play lots of language development games at the grocery store! Turn shopping into play-based activity – think of endless possibilities playing the “I Spy” game! You can also incorporate singing into your shopping route! Repetition of the lyrics can help your little one’s speech-language development and understanding of new words and their meaning.

Kids’ and babies are usually drawn to music and dancing activities, so make sure to listen to nursery rhymes daily to encourage their speech and language development!

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